Frank's Americana Revival

Meet Chef Colin Shine

The culinary artisan behind our Americana dishes

You could spot him back in the kitchen perfecting a gumbo. Or balancing the flavors of the daily feature with those wonderful fennels he carefully selected at the Eastside Farmer's Market. Or discussing with his brother Chris the perfect pairing for the next wine dinner. He's Chef Colin Shine, the artisan behind our imaginative reinterpretation of classic Americana cuisine, the guardian of all our culinary secrets and the youngest of the Shine clan. 

With a passion for food that roots back to Grandma's table, he has polished all of our family's recipes and makes Frank's Americana Revival & White Star Bar a true destination for classic regional favorites, contemporary Americana creations and farmers-market-inspired dishes - all stemming from our Irish and American heritage. 

Learn a little more about our Chef, find out what he likes to do on his days off and come see us soon to taste what he and his "wild hairs" in the kitchen are crafting for you today. 

Chef Colin Putting the Final Touches on a Dish 

Our Soft Shell Crab Recipe

Chef Colin Shine


  • What sparked your passion for food? My family memories. My first food memories are of me helping grandma in her vegetable garden and snapping green beans on her kitchen table. Food has always been a huge part of our family gatherings, both immediate and extended, and how could that not root a natural spark for food and seasonal creativity?
  • Do you have a go-to farmers market, and what do you usually shop for there? Eastside Farmer’s Market on Saturdays in River Oaks. We buy produce form Mike + Bobby Atkinson of Atkinson Farms. We try and support Blue Heron Farm as much as possible as well. 
  • What are some new items on the menu that you’re particularly excited about? Everything on our new bar bites menu. We use that as a way to try and test new ideas in smaller, sharable plates and it's always a huge success with our guests. A must try? The beef empanadas. They're traditional Argentine style beef empanadas with chimichurri. I spent three months living and travelling in Argentina in 2008. I wanted to share these delicious snacks with our guests. 
  • What do you like to cook at home for your friends? I have two favorite meals: Fajitas + Margaritas and grilled redfish on the half-shell. 
  • Best midnight snack? Fried bologna on white bread. 
  • What is your favorite ingredient to cook with? Meyer Lemons.
  • Best cooking tip for a novice? Read the entirety of the recipe, start to finish, multiple times, before even beginning to cook it. 
  • What food is your guilty pleasure? Whataburger
  • What do you do, and eat, on a rare day off? I love to play golf, fish, go to concerts and sporting events. When I eat out, I try to support other local independent operators as much as possible.