Frank's Americana Revival

Our Commitment to the Finest Ingredients

Our Locally Sourced Produce

Fresh and local is the inspiration with us here at Frank’s. Our whole creative process comes with the seasons: you’ll see winter roots, spring greens and the abundance of summer fruits and vegetables inspiring our dishes for unique flavors in your classic favorite Americana dishes. We believe that fresh must be a guarantee to our customers. For this reason, we carefully select our suppliers and work with exceptional local suppliers able to meet our high standards. 

Atkinson Farms, Spring TX
Blue Heron Farm, Waller TX
Gundermann Acres, Wharton Co. TX
Lightsey Farms , Mexia TX


Our Meat & Seafood

Our suppliers provide an abundance of the finest, wild-caught and sustainable seafood and the freshest cuts of beef, pork, poultry and veal.

Louisiana Foods
Airline Seafood
44 Farms, Cameron TX
HeartBrand Beef, Flatonia TX
Herbs & Spices Fresh Seafood at Frank's
Delicious Seared Scallops Fresh Tomatoes at Frank's

Our Wines

Our extensive wine list includes over 170 wines, with about the fifty percent of them originating from American grapes. We feature both great worldwide favorites and many Americana greats but we especially revel at purveying small, exceptional family vineyards and boutique producers. You’ll notice that our wine list is unique in that it is broken down by varietal, region and then price, so it will help you find the perfect wine suited to your tastes and if you’re feeling adventurous, find others that are similar.

Every wine has a story, and it’s that story that gives the wine its unique aroma, structure and features. If you’re looking for something new, or if you want to discover the story behind the wine that you’re drinking, join us and ask Chris. As a partner, beverage manager and great wine connoisseur, Chris works everyday to assemble our wine list with just the right mix of styles and philosophy to please our customers. He meets the producers, visits the vineyards, knows the inside outs of the producing process and will suggest you the perfect pairing with your meal, while entertaining you with his stories of wine.

See you soon at Frank’s, and welcome to our family.

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